Grateful for Buho

By allaboutowls / November 23, 2022 /

We are thankful for many things this Thanksgiving, but especially for another year with Buho our Western Screech-owl. He is still doing well after his surgery for an impacted gizzard earlier this year, and we are happy to have him attend educational programs again! A big thanks to our community of owl fans that stepped…

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By allaboutowls / November 3, 2022 /

Join us for a workshop at the Fairfax Backyard Farmer store on Friday, November 18th at 6:00 pm. We will be discussing our local owl species, natural rodent control utilizing owl nesting boxes, and a special visit with our two ambassador owls!

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Great Horned Owl T-Shirt

By allaboutowls / October 17, 2022 /

ONE WEEK ONLY, from 10/17/22- 10/23/22, you can support All About Owls by purchasing this perfect-for-fall Great Horned Owl t-shirt! Each item purchased includes an $8 donation to support All About Owls’ conservation and education work in the community. All the wonderful items can be viewed at Please share with your family and friends and…

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Owl Spa Day!

By allaboutowls / August 6, 2022 /

A lot of specialized care goes into managing our two ambassador owls: Buho the Western Screech-owl, and Gazeau the Great Horned Owl. A few times a year the owls need to have their beaks coped and their talons trimmed. Since both of our owls were injured in the wild, they do not move around as…

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Avian Flu has reached Northern California!

By allaboutowls / July 8, 2022 /

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was confirmed in wild birds in Northern California on July 14th. While it has just reached this side of the country, we know this strain is particularly contagious and has caused illness and death in more than 28 million birds in the United States since its detection at the beginning…

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They grow up so quick!

By allaboutowls / June 23, 2022 /

All 7(!) of the Barn Owl babies in Bel Marin Keys have successfully fledged from their nesting box. Mom and Dad aren’t empty nesters quite yet though, as they continue to drop off food to the kids to supplement their diet as they learn to hunt too. This Barn Owl family has been so fun…

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Heads up!

By allaboutowls / June 16, 2022 /

We got a call last week about an older Barn Owl box in Mill Valley that had fallen off its tree with young chicks inside. Luckily all the chicks inside were in good shape after an exam at Wildcare. A new, larger Barn Owl nesting box was installed and the baby owls were placed carefully…

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They are leaving…

By allaboutowls / June 14, 2022 /
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Baby bird season is here!

By allaboutowls / May 17, 2022 /
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Pt. Reyes Family Fun Day

By allaboutowls / April 25, 2022 /
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