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Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are so very fortunate to live in an area where we can see many different species of owls, reflecting the health of our local owl populations. Sadly, in some other parts of the country, owls like the Barn Owl have declined drastically. This makes it even more important to protect their environment here.

Our main focus is education, teaching stewardship, and awareness of how owls are a necessary part of our ecosystem. We teach this by striving to evoke a deep connection between our community and nature.

Your kind donation supports our work in the community.

It might go towards returning a baby owl back to its parents, fostering an orphaned owl, setting up presentations and events, promoting non-toxic rodent control, making owl nesting boxes, or caring for our two stunning Wildlife Ambassador Owls.

The highlight of our educational programs is getting to meet an owl up close! All About Owls provides a home for two, non-releasable owls: Gazeau, the Great-Horned Owl, and Buho, the Western Screech Owl. Both of these birds suffered injuries in the wild that left them unable to survive on their own. Your donation supports the housing, proper diet, and veterinary care that they need to thrive. Our resident owls are part of our educational programs, where they visit local schools, environmental organizations, and community events to help us teach about the owls right here in our backyards.

The Covid-19 crisis limited our ability to give educational presentations with our two resident owls, as well as a host of other challenges. Despite the difficult times, we have continued to be involved with many wild owl rescues and orphaned raptor situations. Now, with the loss of that revenue, and with us maintaining our vital services, we are in need of your donations, more than ever before.

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Please consider supporting our rescue and education work.

Your donation helps support housing, food, and veterinary care for our owls.

All About Owls is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Tax id# 83-1799441

ALL of your donation goes to feeding and caring for the owls, educating our community, and supporting raptor rescue and conservation work. Thank you!

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Did you know that owls have no natural predators as adults? Most owls admitted to rescue and rehabilitation organizations are the result of human-caused problems like poisoning, auto collision, gun shot, electrocution, caught in barbed wire or leghold traps, etc.