Owl Cams - Live

We Are Grateful to have live webcam feeds provided to us by local businesses and individuals.

We have two types of boxes being watched. Nesting boxes are just that. A place for a breeding pair of Barn Owls to build their nest, lay eggs, care for the eggs until they hatch, then care for the owlets until it is time for them to go out on their own. That will take about ninety days, and the webcam provides some very interesting and often sweet viewing for children and adults alike!


The second type of box is a hack box. Hack is short for hacking out. Hacking out is the process of providing shelter for one or more owlets that have become orphaned, or otherwise separated from their parents. All About Owls supports wildlife rehabilitation organizations that will move the owlets to a box that is on reserve for hacking out. A hack box.

The timeline varies for hacking out based on the age of the owlets, but the process can take up to forty days. During that time, volunteers will quickly and quietly visit the box daily with food for the owlets.


Bob's Adventure Camps in Mill Valley

This nesting box was built by Bob’s Adventure Camp, and is located at the Golden Gate Dairy Barn in Muir Beach. They have been recording the activities of their local pair of Barn Owls since the camera was added in 2017. This location is lucky to have Barn Owls raising their young nearby every year, for over 35 years!

About the box

Novato hack box on private property

This hack box has a screen installed over the box opening, allowing us to save the space for any orphaned baby Barn Owls that need care. Sometimes young Barn Owls fall from nests that are destroyed or are found on the ground with no nest in sight.

All About Owls is proud to partner with local wildlife rehabilitation hospitals to allow the young, orphaned owls to grow up in the wild under our watchful eye. Volunteers drop off food for the young owls nightly, until they are old enough to be released back into the wild.

Novato nesting box on private property

This box is located near the hack box for orphaned babies. When occupied by a nesting pair of Barn Owls, it allows the orphaned owls to hear and see wild Barn Owls- providing them with good neighbors to observe as they grow. 

Marin Arts and Garden Center - Ross CA

Marin Art and Garden Center installed their Barn Owl Box a while back. A webcam was added in 2016. It has been occupied by Barn Owls and used as a hack box. One year a family of Western Screech-owls moved in! The three nestlings were banded and health assessed. All were quite healthy and fledged just a few days later. The box will continue to be monitored for occupancy.


Come back any time you want to watch these cams, but imagine tuning into a web cam in a box in your own backyard!

If you represent a vineyard and winery with a tasting room, a great idea would be to put a box with cam in the vineyard, to not only control rodents, but also tune a TV in the tasting room to the webcam!

Pre-recorded Owl Box clips


Owls are monogamous throughout the breeding season, but beyond that there are no guarantees. They do stick around to raise their young together, each playing a vital role.