LIVE Owl Cams

Bob's Adventure Camps in Mill Valley

This nesting box was built by Bob’s Adventure Camp, and is located at the Golden Gate Dairy Barn in Muir Beach. They have been recording the activities of their local pair of Barn Owls since the camera was added in 2017. This location is lucky to have Barn Owls raising their young nearby every year, for over 35 years!

Marin Arts and Garden Center - Ross CA

Marin Arts and Garden Center installed their Barn Owl Box a while back. A webcam was added in 2016. It has been occupied by Barn Owls and used as a hack box. This year a family of Screech Owls moved in. The 3 nestlings were banded and health accessed. All were quite healthy and fledged just a few days later. The box will be cleaned and continued to be monitored for occupancy. 

Owl Cam Clips