Meet Buho

Meet Buho

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Buho, our long-time resident Western Screech Owl!
Recently, a mass was discovered in Buho’s abdomen during his annual wellness exam. Buho was examined, received x-rays, and surgery was recommended. In surgery, the veterinarian team discovered that Buho had a severely impacted gizzard (a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food, typically with grit). The area was cleaned out and the surgery was a success!

Buho is nearly ready to return home to his aviary at All About Owls, but his medical bills for such specialty care are steep, reaching nearly $4,000. Would you consider donating to our small non-profit organization to help support Buho? Donations can be made on Facebook, by check, or on our website at

Checks can be mailed to our office at:
All About Owls
407 Eastman Lane, Unit 4
Petaluma, CA 94952
Thank you for your support! We are so happy that Buho is on the mend and will hopefully be back to educational programs in the near future!
Buho at hospital
Buho on perch

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