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Interested in providing a home for wild owls?

Barn Owl and Screech Owl Boxes Are Now Available For Sale!

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All About Owls is excited to offer Barn Owl and Screech Owl boxes for sale!

What are the benefits of having owls live near my property?
Owls provide natural rodent control- A family of nesting Barn Owls can hunt 3,000 mice in a 4 month breeding cycle! Providing the owls with a safe nesting site is a win-win situation for humans and owls!

Is my property a good fit for a Barn Owl box?
Every property and situation is unique, but generally Barn Owl boxes are most successful on larger properties with open space nearby. All About Owls is happy to offer a free email or phone consultation for anyone interested in an owl box. Email us at learnallaboutowls@gmail.com for more information. 

What is the price?
Our new standard-sized Barn Owl boxes are priced at $300 each plus sales tax. This size is 4″ wider than our previous Barn Owl box size. We have discontinued our original Barn Owl box size as the new larger box sizes allow for more airflow to help prevent the box from overheating. 

New Vineyard-size boxes! We are offering a larger size Barn Owl box that provides more space for growing owls and plenty of room to install a camera. This is our preferred box size as it allows plenty of room for the young owlets to stretch their wings! The larger vineyard boxes are offered at $350 each plus sales tax.

How do I purchase a box?
Please either fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page or contact us directly at learnallaboutowls@gmail.com for more information on purchasing a box. Box pickup is in Petaluma, CA.

Screech Owl boxes are here! Smaller properties are often a good fit for our smaller nesting box. This size is suitable for Western Screech Owls, Saw-whet Owls, and American Kestrels. We have a limited number and they are offered at $150 each plus sales tax. We also have Screech Owl boxes available as a build-your-own-box kit that can be built as a fun and easy project! 

Is your yard too small for an owl box? You may want to consider a Bluebird box! These small nesting boxes can work well near your backyard garden, as Bluebirds eat insects that can damage your backyard crop. Plus they are a joy to watch nearby! Boxes are $50 each plus sales tax. 


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