Educational Programs

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ALL ABOUT OWLS offers presentations with live owls to schools, environmental organizations and for events. We teach about the natural history, identification and the amazing facts of our local owls. Our message is one of conservation and stewardship to inspire positive change through understanding the key role raptors play in our environment.


Presentations with the focus on encouraging owls for a safe natural means of rodent control are offered to vineyards, farms, ranches and HOAs in Sonoma and Marin Counties.

Our fee, which includes a visit with one of our Ambassador owls,  is $150, or for both owls, $175

To arrange a program contact us at :


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The Owls

The Great Horned Owl:

Gazeau, the Great Horned Owl, fell from the nest when young, injuring her right wing. Found in Oregon and taken to a wildlife rescue facility, they were not able to fix the damage enough that she could fend for herself in the wild. She has been with us since 2013.


The Western Screech Owl:

Buho, the Western Screech Owl (about 6-1/2 inches tall, fully-grown) was found in Sonoma. His optic nerve was damaged from an unknown cause, resulting in permanent dilation of his pupils. Since his vision is impacted, he can no longer hunt effectively.

Permits for Owls:
US Fish and Wildlife Special Purpose Possession – Live Migratory Birds for Educational Use Permit # MB23829A-0
California Dept of Fish and Wildlife Restricted Species Permit # 3093